• Grilled sliced meat, mushrooms and green salad
  • Shelves with bottles of drink
  • Exterior, tables outside


About us

The wild morel mushroom marks the start of a new growing season and is the delicious reward of those who forage in the woods of Wisconsin. Like the hunt for morels, Jonathan enjoys the adventure of finding and preparing locally grown, raised, and produced food for Morel’s diners.

A modern American restaurant that's dedicated to source consciousness, Morel's menu finds inspiration from Chef Jonathan Manyo’s roots: Wisconsin. Morel explores natural flavors, colors, and textures from local farms, purveyors, foragers, and artisans. For five years, Jonathan has remained dedicated to featuring a menu comprised of nearly 100% Wisconsin-sourced ingredients. While the WI focus is unique and special to Morel, in the fall of 2019, Jonathan expanded the Morel menu for the opportunity to introduce diners to incredible offerings from across the country. Jonathan saw yet another opportunity to share fresh seafood from the coast(s), and work with vendors who share his passion for humanely raised and caught animals from both land and sea. The same thing can be said for fresh cheeses, vegetables, fruits, and other items that are not available in WI, but, very special.

“I am extremely committed to supporting Wisconsin farmers and those who specialize in raising or growing right here in our home state. I’ve had a lot of fun and feel we’ve created something very special over the last five years…but, I’m ready to show Milwaukee even more – and our team is up for it!” - Chef & Owner Jonathan Manyo.

Jonathan completed culinary school in San Francisco, and then earned a degree in dietetics. He gained experience in restaurants on the West Coast, such as Greens Restaurant in San Francisco, Club XIX at Pebble Beach, and Lincoln in Portland. His experience in the Midwest includes The Maisonette in Cincinnati, The Immigrant Room in Kohler, and Watermark Seafood in Milwaukee. He has come home to his roots in Wisconsin to open his first restaurant and join Milwaukee's thriving food scene.

Come explore Morel’s changing menu of seasonal and locally inspired dishes.